Compact design and high output Xtreme White bulb combine to provide maximum performance and versatility. The 004XT has a wide variety of applications for cars, trucks, SUV and Powersport vehicles. Discover for yourself what a difference a little light can make.
The best just got better!
Following the tradition of the original PIAA 1000 this lamp combines a well-proven design with the latest technology to produce the ultimate driving lamp. The P-1000XT is clearly the proven market leader in the small lamp category.
World’s smallest Dichroic Driving Lamp. The 1100X compact design adds to the versatility of this light without sacrificing performance and talk about fashion. Wow! It is easy to see why the 1100X stays at the top of PIAA’s top selling list.
 1400 SERIES
The compact 1400 is the world’s smallest fog lamp. Super Multi-Surface Reflector provides an effective fog pattern. Although initially designed specifically for the Sport Compact market our customers have discovered a wide range of applications for this lamp.
Designed for those who prefer a more traditional “OE” look but demand superior performance. Ultra low profile design allows for easy installation. The 1500XT remains one of PIAA’s top selling lamp kits.
Combines several of PIAA’s most advanced technologies. Super Multi-Surface Reflector for an efficient fog beam pattern. Plasma Blue technology which at 5000 Kelvin provides a beam color similar to H.I.D. headlamps. Bulb, reflector, and lens are bonded into a single weatherproof unit.
Uniquely designed compact housing works in conjunction with the aerodynamic shapes of today’s vehicles. Super Multi-Surface Reflector produces a razor sharp horizontal cutoff beam pattern reducing stray light from offending oncoming traffic without sacrificing performance.
PIAA’s revolutionary patented design Tri-beam system represents the most advanced reflector technology available on the market today. One of the first truly “functional” multi beam lamps of its kind, the P3000 features a Plasma Ion Driving, Xtreme White Spot and a Super White Marker. Sensational style and performance!
Durability, dependability and reliability add up to make the 4062 lamp the best value in the market today. With its prism cut glass lens for optimum clarity, stamped steel corrosion resistant housing, and powerful 55 watt quartz halogen bulb, the 4062 is unmatched in value to performance ratio.
The P-4000 Quattro is a multi-function light designed primarily for trucks and SUVs. It has two large main beams, both with over-sized reflectors and two marker bulbs stacked vertically in the center of the lamp.
The lamp of choice for manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz and Toyota. Exceeds SAE durability and corrosion standards. The compact and ultra thin housing provides for a multitude of applications. With its 4” diameter the 510 is a natural for today’s cars and trucks with round openings in the bumper and or front spoiler.
For those who prefer the look of a “clear” lens, the 520 SMR features PIAA’s computer designed Super Multi-Surface Reflector technology. SMR technology reduces stray light providing an extremely focused beam pattern without the use of lens fluting.
PIAA’s number one selling lamp – period. Without question the number one best selling truck lamp on the market today. The 520 compliments more brush guards than any other lamp available. The reason? Simply the best combination of fashion and performance in its class no brush guard should be without a set of PIAA 520s!
The 525 packs a multitude of features for today’s truck and SUV owner: along with an H4 dual beam system, the 525 features PIAA’s highly effective SMR (Super Multi Surface Reflector) technology. The 525’s most unique feature is the incorporation of PIAA’s Multipurpose High Intensity LED technology that creates a glowing effect when the main bulb is switched off. You simply have to see the 525 illuminated!
Big, bold design in a small package. Ultra thin housing allows for easy installation. Designed specifically for small, mid-size trucks and SUVs. Unique black mesh style lens cover offers additional protection while enhancing your vehicle’s appearance.
The 550 shares many of the features of PIAA’s 525 but in a much larger package approximately 8 vs. 6 inches in diameter. Like the 525 Series the 550 features PIAA’s new high impact, weather resistant connectors. The 550 utilizes a yellow top H4 bulb when combined with a Super White Wedge bulb (located within the lamp) and an Plasma Ion lens, creates a soft amber glow that is simply stellar.
Designed specifically for today’s mid to full size trucks and SUVs. Extremely powerful with PIAA’s XTRA technology provides 135watt performance from an 85watt bulb. The blue hue provided by PIAA’s Xtreme White technology provides the ultimate in fashion and performance. The 580 Series kit includes PIAA’s newly designed heavy duty wiring harness, especially suited to handle high wattage bulbs.
A true workhorse. The 60XT features a high powered H3 55watt=85watt fog or H3 85watt=135watt driving. Die cast aluminum construction with black powder coated finish provides a lifetime of rust free protection in the most severe conditions. Super strong rust free die cast zinc mounting brackets significantly reduce lamp vibration.
“Dependable and reliable under the most severe racing conditions,” note racing professionals. Die cast aluminum construction, with black powder coated finish and die cast zinc mounting brackets, provides a lifetime of rust free protection in the most severe conditions. Ultra thin design is ideal for use on brush guards and bumpers where space is limited.
True racing performance, recommended for racing/off-road use only. An H-4 dual beam system allows the driver to switch between a distinct high beam or low beam instantly. Super strong rust free die cast zinc mounting brackets and hardened prism cut glass provide strength to withstand rally and off-road racing.
Switching between driving lamp and projector fog lamp allows the driver to adjust instantly to changing driving conditions. Elliptical projector light produces a razor sharp horizontal cutoff beam pattern that stops stray light from offending oncoming traffic. Aiming system allows for independent adjustments for each lamp.
Combination fog and driving lamp within the same housing. Switching between driving lamp and fog lamp allows the driver to adjust instantly to changing driving conditions. One piece reflector with dedicated fog and driving pattern. Die cast aluminum construction with black powder coated finish provides a lifetime of rust free protection in the most severe conditions.